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 Nurturing Parent
Nurturing Parent Classes are held at

Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption
912 Barnette Street [Click for Map]
Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm

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1. Welcome & Orientation
2. Nurturing as a Parenting Lifestyle
3. Growth & Development
4. Spoiling Your Children - Developing Empathy
5. Managing & Expressing Feelings
    & Handling Stress
6. Understanding Discipline & Developing Family
7. Rewarding Appropriate Behavior
     & Discipline Techniques
8. Developing Nurturing Routines
9. Building Self Worth and
    Personal Power in Children
10. Communication Skills
11. Making Good Chices Drugs, Sex & Alcohol
12. Self Awareness, Body Map & Self Expression
13. Certificate Award & Pizza Party


1. Welcome & Orientation
2. Roots of Fathering
3. The Little Boy Within
4. The Power to Meet My Own Needs
5. The World of Feelings and Male Nurturance
6. The Power to Nurture: Fathering without Violence or Fear.
7. Overcoming Barriers to Nurturing Fathering: Anger, Alcohol and Stress

8. Developing Nurturing Routines
9. Discipline and Fun & Games
10. Play Shop: Fun & Games for Fathers and their Children
11. Nurturing Relationships I: Fathering Suns/Daughters
12. Nurturing Relationships II: Teamwork Between Father & Spouse/Coparent
13. A Time and Place for Fathering
14. Healing the Father Wound

Cost: Free to families participating through the Family Services Program. All others: $25.
Cost includes the parenting handbook. Payment arrangements can be made as needed.
Don't worry if you miss the first class - you can still participate!

If you have any questions or would like to enroll, call 456-4729.

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