Individual & Family Counseling

Individual & Family Counseling in Fairbanks, AK

Parents and children happy with family counseling in Fairbanks, AK
Whether you need individual counseling services or are looking for family counseling in Fairbanks, AK, we can help. We have experienced, trained, and licensed medical professionals who can help with whatever trials and battles you are going through. If you have questions about our services and what we do, browse the information below and feel free to give our friendly staff a call.
Contact us (907) 456-4729

Professional clinicians

At FCA, we have a staff of licensed, professional clinicians who are trained to help you with a wide range of counseling needs. Our services include: providing individual and group psychotherapy to adults, children, and families experiencing serious difficulties, problematic behaviors as well as other familial or individual disruptions and traumas. We also assist individuals at high risk for abuse or neglect. If you need help, we can provide it. Don't hesitate to reach out and call. 

Child services

We specialize in individual child counseling services for children (ages 3-19)  who have been physically and/or sexually abused, neglected, or are at high risk for delinquent and/or self-destructive behaviors. Our trained medical staff has the experience to provide quality care and will always be available to you during your time of need. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our clinicians. 

Children no longer at home

In addition to our counseling of children who have suffered abuse, our clinicians also specialize in working with children and teens who no longer live at home, but rather are experiencing multiple foster care situations. We also provide counseling to foster families as is deemed appropriate.  We know these are sensitive issues and reaching out can be difficult but we're always here to provide support. 
REFERRAL SOURCES: Social workers, judges, probation officers, school counselors, private clinicians, and self or family referrals. Call FCA at 456-4729.
Jennifer Cross, L.P.C. - Clinician
Bruce Hill, L.M.F.T. -Clinician
REFERRAL SOURCES:  Social workers, judges, probation officers, school counselors, private clinicians, and self or family referrals. All new clients must go through FCA’s Screening Coordinator by calling FCA at 456-4729.
FEES: Individual counseling is billed at $165 per hour. Most insurances and Tri-care are accepted upon confirmation of eligibility. Co-pays and deductible are the client's responsibility. Denali KidCare and Medicaid are no longer accepted.

Fee assistance is available for clients who fall within the eligibility guidelines.  Approximately 65% of our clients receive reduced cost services.
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