Family Services


Family in Fairbanks, AK who is receiving family support
The goal of this program is to support safe and stable families and promote permanency for children. This program serves families with children ages birth to 12 years by providing early intervention and support - before families have settled into habitual practices, and before children are put too far off proper developmental pathways.
We believe that to empower the family it is vital to work with the family as partners in finding solutions, rather than focusing on the family as having a problem.
FCA will continue grant services until June 30, 2017.  

Do you know of a struggling family who would benefit from this intensive program?
Do you have questions or need more information?
Please call us at: (907) 456-4729
What is the cost?

This program and most of the services are free to the family. Costs are determined on an individual basis.
Who qualifies for this program?

Any family whith at least one child between the ages birth to twelve. Preference will be given to families considered at-risk. Referrals can come from O.C.S., community providers or the families themselves. The family must be willing to be an equal partner with F.C.A. in this intensive and supportive program in order to reach their goals.
Services can include:
  •   Educational and Supportive Home Visits
  •   Individualized Service Plans
  •   Parent Advocacy
  •   Parent Support and Educational Groups
  •   Professional Counseling Services
  •   Individual Counseling for children and adults
  •   Marital, Premarital and Relationship Counseling
  •   Family Therapy
  •   Children's Support Groups
  •   Play Therapy
These strengths/needs based program works with the family to achieve their goal of stability and reunification.
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